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The Rose Lake

Lake Retba, better known as the Rose Lake, owes its fame to its shade that turns from pink to mauve depending on the intensity of solar rays, and also for being the final step of the Paris-Dakar rally. The other particularity of Lake Retba is the fact that its water has a particularly high salt content, 380g / L, as much as the Dead Sea, and ten times more than seawater ... The Rose Lake is therefore exploited, not for the fish that live there but rather for the salt that can be extracted. Salt is brought back to the shore by divers who spend days to free diving to the bottom of the lake and scratch the lake bed. The salt extracted from the lake is very good and is marketed even beyond the borders of the country.

Good to know:

It is recommended to rinse your body with spring water after swimming in the pink lake, given the high salt content it is advisable not to stay more than 30min in the lake. You will have more chance to see the lake really pink in the middle of the day.
 Restaurant recommended by Djaale: Bonaba Café.

Included in this activity :

It's Babou who will pick you up at 9am, then take you to Niag, 1h30 from Dakar. You get to try the experience of bathing in the ""Senegalese Dead Sea"" - guaranteed flotation - to enjoy its beneficial thermal properties on the skin, the body and respiratory functions. A 30-minute guided walk on the lake is planned to tell you its story and the history of the people who work there. An hour-long quad ride on the sand dunes on the other side of the lake, near the ocean. 
The arrival of fishermen Kayar, you’ll be able to attend a very special atmosphere, traders will welcome fishermen when they will arrive to the shore and buy fish wholesale. You can buy fresh fish and grill it on the spot to eat it afterwards.

Duration: 4 hour(s):

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