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Babou, 35 years
Based at Dakar
I speak French

About Babou

Babou is a young Senegalese, "resourceful" as they say in the country. Indeed it combines many activities including logistics, transport and trade but what passion above all are the tourist activities it does on demand. Babou is committed to transmitting his culture and to discover his region and his country differently. You will have to do to a great optimist who likes to talk about his cultural values and tell you the stories of his country.

Discover Senegal with me

The Rose Lake

Lake Retba, better known as the Rose Lake, owes its fame to its shade ...

133€ / Person
Senegal  Nature
The Animal Park of Bandja, first private wildlife reserve of Senegal.

Meet the 120 species of the Bandia wildlive Reser ...

129€ / Person
Senegal  Nature

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