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Two days in Saint-Louis

We take you to Saint-Louis, 262 km from Dakar (4h30 by car) for a historical discovery. Indeed, its architectural and cultural heritage is very interesting to the point that Saint-Louis of Senegal has been listed since 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will discover an unusual city with its even more surprising inhabitants.

Included in this activity :

What’s In the program :

Day 1: The carriage ride with the story of Saint Louis (2 hours). 
The walk in the city: museum, arrival of fishermen, bookseller, street galleries and creative artisans (At least two hours of walking to explore and apprehend better the spirit of the old city) 
Evening: cultural event at the French Institute of St. Louis.

Day 2: 
A Walk to the other side of the island, including the Peuhl village (nomadic tribe of Africa). Departure around 15:30 for a canoe ride on the Langue de Barbarie (land that separates the Senegal River and the Atlantic Ocean), you can witness a beautiful sunset along with the pelicans and other seabirds of the island.

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