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Lake Kivu wildlife Islands

Lake Kivu is most interesting attraction because of its calmness (there are not strong storms and waves) and safety (there are not big alligators like hippos or crocodiles) that is why tourist are encouraged to travel and make adventures in this place. Also the presence of beautiful islands found there (around 16 islands); some of them have particular fauna and flora that is why these islands are most attractive places in Kivu Lake.

The remarkable islands are:

Nyamunini or napoleon island
Nyenyeri (star) island
Amahoro (peace) island
Mafundugu Islands
Mbabara island.

What to expect :

Colony of fruits bats
Velvet monkey
Various bird species( great cormorant, Hamerkop, pied kingfisher, red bishop, weavers)
Coffee and macadamia plantation

Duration: 3 hour(s):

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