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Rwandan museums tour

As you may know, Rwanda has a heavy history, from precolonial time, to independence until the genocide of the 90s. We will take you around the main museums of the capital to dive into the history of the country of the thousand hills.

Included in this activity :

What’s in the program?
The day will be divided into two parts. Joseph will pick you up and take you on a tour around these museums, but also to explore the city and get to know better Jo, who will tell you the history of his country in his own way.

In the morning, you will go to the Museum of Richard Kandt: to discover the history of the country and the construction of the city of Kigali
Then you will leave to visit to the Memorial (two-hour visit) and learn about the history of the Rwandan genocide that occurred in the 90s.

Lunch break: you will stop at a good local restaurant, recommended by Joseph (catering at your expense, between 8 € and 10 € the dish according to your choice).

In the afternoon, you will visit the former house of the President before the genocide and the Rwandan Parliament.

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