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Lake Kivu night fishing

An incredible experience not to be missed if you are passing through the Karongi region. Lake Kivu contains ten species of fish and the most dominant are Limnothrisa miodon (57.1%) known as Isambaza; Fishing for this species of fish is very famous and interesting because it is done at night with strange boats and songs of traditional motivation of fishermen.

You participate in the dark, around 5:00 pm, in a canoe in groups of three boats, the Rwandan fishermen spend every night on the crystal clear water in search of sambaza (a fish similar to a small sardine). This fishing process is unique in the region on the observation of the hundreds of fishermen who line up in the center of the lake singing and whistling to keep the rhythm. They sing for courage. The songs are only sung in Amashi, and only when the fishermen paddle together in and out of the lake.

Amashi is a traditional language mixed with Kinyarwanda and certain phrases from eastern Congo, the language is spoken by a few and mainly used on the Nkombo and Idjwi islands of Lake Kivu.
But all Rwandan and Congolese fishermen know that "Amashi" is the language of Kivu fishermen. Although the daily tunes are familiar, the songs are rarely the same, as the new lyrics are mixed with the old ones.

An unusual experience, carried by the vibrations of fishermen's songs ...

Duration: 3 hour(s):

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