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3 Days of trailing on the road of Congo Nil

Congo-Nile divide is the chain of highest mountains that form two basins; such as: Congo basin and Nile basin. So, from there is a very interesting and popular trail known as “Congo-Nile Trail” with a peak elevation of 2630m and 227km from one end to the other, it takes 4 days to complete on foot, although it is possible to do in single sections.
As the Karongi to Rusizi section has been paved (and hence has lost much of its interest), we suggest you only do the Karongi to Rubavu portion, which is the most scenic.

The trail is a wonderful because it enables to experience daily life in traditional villages, panorama view of Lake Kivu and sip coffee where it’s made.With twelve coffee-washing stations, three tea plantations, three cities, dozens of villages, and countless beaches, caves, waterfalls, valleys.

There are camp sites along the route, guesthouses and homestays for sleeping comfortably. Refreshments are available along the route, supplied by small shops.

What to expect:

Local food crops
Ndaba water fall
Wonder panoramic view
Stunning coffee and tea plantation
Daily lifestyle of local people
Hot springs

NOTE1: Congo-Nile trail experience can be done by biking or walking.

NOTE2: For sleeping, tourists can stay in assigned homestays for better connection with local community.

Duration: 72 hour(s):

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