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A few days getaway on the way to Kivu - unusual experience

These days are reserved for people who are willing to do Congo-Nile trail (A pathway created on the shore of Kivu Lake which gives much experience of village life style, great lake Kivu panorama, coffee and tea plantation, and indeed this is one of the biggest range of mountain in Africa of 2000km from Central Africa to South of Tanzania on the border of Zambia. This range divide two big basins, the one on the East is for Congo River and the one in the West is for Nile River. These two big Rivers of Africa all take a source in Rwanda.)
This trip takes approximately 3-4 days. There are many guest houses along the way plus, many fascinating activities and lovely natural beaches. Within this activity we add up a swimming cow experience which is, in most cases, believed unreal till proven real.

Duration: 3- 4 days with 4 hours of activity every day.

Note: this activity is done walking; however, you can do it with a mountain bike.

Included in this activity :

Option getaway + full board (1 to 3 people): 372.99€

Duration: 16 hour(s):

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