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Discovering Nyamirambo

Located in the southern part of the metropolitan area, this densely populated area is both a cosmopolitan crossroads and a real city inside the city ... No matter which end you approach it, you can not miss its main feature: two mosques painted in green and white, standing tall next to each other. The first one is old, the other was built in the 1980s. Nyamirambo is also a cosmopolitan crossroads, immigrants from West Africa. Congolese, Burundians, Ugandans, Tanzanians, Senegalese, Gambians, Malians, Ivorians.
They are all there, bustling in the thousand shops, showing how dynamic this district is, where we sell and buy everything, the top-notch product to the last junk. 
If Nyamirambo is primarily a Muslim neighborhood, in the colonial era, the Belgians decided to install the undesirable followers of the prophet Mohammed downtown. But, paradoxically, it is also the most urbanized part of the capital, compared to other older neighborhoods.
During this walk we will tell you the story of this neighborhood and you will stop to take mint tea with the artisans.

Good to know :
This activity can be done in the afternoon or even late afternoon since it is the moment when it is more dynamic and more ""ambiancée"". You will have the opportunity to meet artisans and have a drink in the many bars of the area.

Included in this activity :

Private guide for the outing
Refreshment (water)

Duration: 4 hour(s):

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