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Discover Nkombo island

Nkombo Island is situated in Lake Kivu, right between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. This island is one of the 18 sectors that make up Rusizi District, which has a population of close to 20,000 residents. It is among Rwanda’s hidden treasures, with lush green hills and a peaceful breeze. It is the largest Rwandan island, 22 square kilometres. Nkombo is a natural bird sanctuary.
As you can imagine, the residents resources are limited, with most finding their mean income through fishing. This island is filled with large families and many children who have particular culture. Our goal is to promote and conserve their culture, improve their living standard and women empowerment to raise up strong, educated children.

What to expect:
Local food crops
Local activities(fishing, boat building, agriculture)
Wildlife adventure(birds, mammals, plants)
Republic democratic of Congo view

Note: activity from 3 people.

Duration: 8 hour(s):

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