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Visit Ouidah in Benin

Ouidah is a city in southern Benin, the history of Ouidah begins with the slave trade, you will be able to travel the slave route, the path that the slaves used to take to join the ships to the gate of no return on the seafront. The History Museum of Ouidah, located in the 18th century Portuguese fort, tells the story.
Ouidah becomes the cradle of voodoo worship. The Temple Of The Pythons is dedicated to the deity of the Dangbe serpent; The Sacred Forest of Kpassé a small wooded area with sculptures and wood carvings representing voodoo deities . You will meet the spiritual leader and attend a vodou ceremony if you wish.

Duration: 1 day, with lunch
As part of our excursions to Ouidah, we offer you to discover the vodoun in Benin, if you do not have the opportunity to attend the festival of vodoun in Benin that takes place every year on January 10.
As part of this activity, you will have the opportunity to meet the spiritual leader of the vodou cult, participate in a vodoun ceremony, visit sacred places, including the temple of the pythons, the sacred forest of King Kpassé dominated by huge old trees, accompanied by wooden sculptures depicting voodoo deities , convents, and temples.

Included in this activity :

Transportation to and from the Museum, Guided tours, water packs and entrance fees

Not included in this activity :


Duration: 24 hour(s):

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