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Immersion in Taneka culture

This immersion will be done in several stages, we will initially go to Copargo to visit "cultural Bank" of Tanekas. It is a museum presenting objects, outfits, accessories etc ... always used by the population. We will then be able to understand certain aspects of their culture, their origins. Then we will go for a small hike (1h) in the village of Taneka Beri. There we will be able to observe the dwellings, public squares, sacred places... we will also be able to meet and exchange with dignitaries and other important people in the life of the village. After this morning full of emotions, we will go to cool off and Picnic at the falls of Kota, time to take a pleasant break by the water (and/or in it of course !) At the end of the afternoon we will return to Natitingou.

Included in this activity :

- Vehicle rental + carburization
- Guide fee
- Visiting fees
- One bottle of water per person

Not included in this activity :

- Your breakfast and dinner

Duration: 7 hour(s):

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