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Florent, 0 years
Based at Cotonou
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About Florent

My Name Is Florent Irotori DOKO, I was born in Boribansifa, a small village located in the Department of Atacora in Benin. I am a tourist guide and head of the agency "Benin guide-bg". I was trained in Benin with the support of the Ministry of Culture, literacy, crafts and Tourism. I offer tailor-made tourist tours, I adapt to your expectations and target your preferences: nature, culture, immersion in everyday life, history, art .. etc etc there is so much circuit diversity that each of you are different ! I was for 8 years a provider to the management of the Pendjari National Park (DPNP) during missions organized in the park in partnership with the NGO Planète Urgence. So I was able to acquire a wide knowledge about the fauna and flora of the park and being passionate about the environment, I turned my interest to all kinds of species present (avifauna, mammals, fish fauna, trees, shrubs ...). I also perfectly master the slopes of the park either in the dry season or in the rainy season(within the limit of practicability of course). This partnership with Planète Urgence has allowed me to be attentive to clients from different backgrounds and different needs. The missions and my tourist services have always gone well, with a lot of good mood and good memories for my clients because I am a jovial person and open to discussions. Leaving with me is a start to cultivate, exchange with the people, it is to know Africa in its true sense and return with unforgettable memories.

Discover Bénin with me

Discover the city of Natitingou

In this city we will go to meet the women weavers ...

41€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
A la découverte du peuple cavalier : les Baribas

Nous irons à la rencontre du peuple cavalier du ...

143€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
Hike to Kota waterfall

We will leave early in the morning, with a good pair of shoes (and swi ...

122€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
Meeting the builder people (Tatas sombas)

I take you in immersion in the Somba country, to ...

180€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
Connection with the wild nature of West Africa: two days of safari in the park of the Pendjari

To optimize the weather we will leave early in th ...

336€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
Immersion in Taneka culture

This immersion will be done in several stages, we will initially go to ...

169€ / Person
Bénin  Culture
Manufacture of Peul cheese

I take you early in the morning to meet the nomadic and livestock peop ...

58€ / Person
Bénin  Culture

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