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Meeting the builder people (Tatas sombas)

I take you in immersion in the Somba country, to discover the Tatas, traditional dwellings that are real fortresses in clay, and the ethnicity that perpetuates this ancestral know-how of construction. We will take a walk through the village of Koussoukouingou in the afternoon to admire the different tatas and better know the way of life of the inhabitants of this village. We will sleep on site at the beautiful star on the roof of one of these traditional houses.
The next morning we will hike "culture and Savannah" to visit the surrounding countryside and learn more about the history of the Somba people. After this visit, we will enjoy a local meal, typical of this region, in the city of Boukoumbe. Then we will return to Natitingou.

Included in this activity :

- Vehicle rental + carburization
- Guide fee
- Visiting fees
- Accommodation
- restoration
- One bottle of water per person

Not included in this activity :

- Your breakfast and lunch on the day of departure
- Your dinner the next day

Duration: 48 hour(s):

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